Learn how to Stop Procrastinating Your Goals and Shaming Yourself About the Past

Do you ever feel like mistakes you’ve made in the past and your ADHD keep you from going after the things you want in life?

Having ADHD can be frustrating, but what if I told you there was a way to co-exist with it in a way that helps you?

I want to invite you to visualize yourself a year from now…

You have some systems in place.
You know how to break down goals into smaller pieces.
You feel so much better. 
You don’t let the past define you.
You know how to co-exist with your ADHD without judgment or shame.
You praise yourself on the regular and FEEL GOOD doing it!
Fear is now your friend. (What on earth do you mean?! Yes, this is a thing)
Things are finally happening! You’re doing it!

What if I told you this could be you?

You know that you’re bright and gifted.

But you’re not there yet… there’s something missing. Maybe you’re uninspired, frustrated, suffering from crippling self-doubt… Maybe you feel hopeless. 

I’m here to tell you that there’s a way out. 

I’m living proof that it is possible. And if you’re here, I’m guessing you’re ready.

I absolutely KNOW you have tried everything…
But, you’re afraid of people knowing the real you.. You feel like a hot mess!

I know you’re so frustrated with procrastinating on the things you truly want. 

I know you’re making plans for them and not following through on them.

You have the planner, the calendar, the tools, the desire.. But for some reason you are just stuck! 

I know you truly do want to get these goals done, but you might not know how. 

Things or life will come up and they stop you dead in your tracks. Working around it can be so hard. 

The minute your perfect plan doesn’t happen the way you want it to, you stop because then it feels pointless.

It’s pretty easy to think it’s too hard or “I don’t know how” and you’re tired of thinking that.


But when you do finally get something accomplished.. You don’t FEEL any different.

You may feel good for a little bit when you get it done… 

But then it’s back to the cycle of start, stops, be mean to yourself… 

You are so tired of criticizing yourself and shaming yourself every time you give up and equally afraid of worrying about what people think of you when you do! 

You just want to FEEL BETTER, DAMNIT!

But I know the secret…

Being mean to yourself to get stuff done DOES NOT work. (Whaaaaaat?)

If you think about the amount of time you spend telling yourself you are not good enough and people won’t like the real you… You can’t get the things you want believing you aren’t good enough to have them or that they are impossible

But, I know there’s a part of you that already knows that.

I have ADHD and I struggled with addiction for over a decade.

I know exactly how hard it is to see yourself in a positive light when you stop and start your goals all the time and feel like you never truly get anything done..

I had lots of self-doubt and fear stemming from a 10 year struggle with addiction, while also learning to live again sober, managing my ADHD, working full-time, going back to school at 27, and working through trauma from a past relationship. 

My mindset was so negative every day… I was constantly hiding or criticizing myself. 
Some days, I couldn’t even get out of bed.
I would wake up some days and the first thing on my mind was how I couldn’t wait to go back to sleep that night. 

I had no joy, no energy

I would replay everything I said in my head and absolutely exhaust myself replaying conversations in my head.
I was constantly on the defense, not letting anyone see me. I was afraid of being vulnerable…
But… also KNEW I was capable of doing everything I wanted to do and more, I just didn’t know how. 

And I was determined to find out how. 

And I DID. And I want to show you how.


Pretty Great Right?!



I’m a certified life coach from The Life Coach School with a passion to help ambitious women who have ADHD and have struggled with addiction figure out what they want in life and build a way to get it!

I have spent years trying to figure out why I have all this motivation to get things done, but couldn’t really get them done. 

I was burnt out, exhausted, highly self-critical, and saw everything I did as a failure until I somehow miraculously got it done. But then it didn’t count because it didn’t happen “the way it should have” (whatever that means!). 

I went from newly sober, back to school at 27, graduated in 3 years with a Bachelor’s in Software Development and got my dream job.

But… things shifted. I have always loved to help people and I especially love helping them figuring out what they want and getting it. That’s why I decided to become a life coach for women who struggle with ADHD and want to reclaim their life.

Because, I know how stuck you feel.

I had no idea what I wanted five years ago. I was new to life again and had hated myself for over 10 years. It was a very foreign concept to me that being nice to myself was the way to get everything I wanted. 

I know that if I can do it, you can do it too. I started over from absolutely nothing, and it was these tools that propelled me forward into deciding and getting it. 

So I want to tell you how I can help you.

This is different from a lot of programs out there because it’s not just about accomplishing things. 

While that is a nice bonus, we actually go deeper than that.

We look at how to intentionally decide what it is you want, why you want it, what’s holding you back, how to manage the obstacles, and build an amazing relationship with yourself..

If I can, You Can Too!

In this coaching program, you will get:

1 x 60 min coaching session a week

with me one on one so you have private support and accountability.

ADHD-Friendly Workbooks

that will help you think outside the box and discover what’s in your mind.

Unlimited access to Slack

 to message me anytime of the day so you can get those quick brain wins out and into the world.


you have ever struggled with addiction, have ADHD, or want to know how to set and accomplish goals and still feel good…

But.. this is not right for you if...

you don’t want to do the work, aren’t willing to try the things suggested to you, and are unwilling to show up for yourself..


This work is truly invaluable – there just isn’t a price match on the way it helps me feel and what it helps me achieve in every area of my life. In just my switching careers example, it has made me tens of thousands of dollars in getting my dream job. 
Beyond that, I celebrate my wins, I’m proud of myself, and I give myself the credit I deserve. I no longer hold myself back. 

And I want the same for you.

The investment for yourself:

The people I work with usually book a 24-week program with me. I only have 6 spots available max so when they are taken, the waitlist can be a little bit longer, but I promise it’s absolutely worth it. 

I can guarantee that at the end of working with me you will:

Absolutely feel better

Know how to decide what you want

Know how to break down goals

Khow to support yourself

Know how to stop shaming yourself

Have accomplished several of your goals

Will be celebrating yourself

Will be creating and finding more joy in your life

Filigree Black_Filigree 13



I want to be sure that you have enough time to do and absorb the lessons I have, receive continued support and accountability while discovering and working on the things you want to, and be able to see results and celebrate! 

Six months is a good amount of time to undo some of the beliefs that have kept you stuck and start to rewire new ones and see results. 

It also leaves you open to decide if you are ready to tackle more on your own or decide if you want to continue working with me to keep receiving support on your goals.

There is also a 12 month option if you already know you are ready for change and want a year of support on discovering and accomplishing multiple goals. 

There are shorter options, but only in special circumstances. There is a 6 week and 12 week option reserved for people with a specific goal who either:

  • Already know The Model and have had at least 6 months of working with it 
  • Are a coach themselves and are capable of being coached at a high-level 

I am 100% so confident in these tools that if you honestly do the work and do not feel any better at the end of six months, I will give you a full refund. 

In order to receive a refund, you must show me proof that you’ve implemented all of the steps recommended, and that it did not prove useful. The reason is this: This process requires EFFORT – If you are not willing to do the work to make the change you want then I cannot be held accountable for the outcome. 

No. The only thing you can prepare if you want is what you want to be coached on. If you come to the session and aren’t sure what you want to be coached on, I will guide the sessions to help you discover the things that are important to you that you want to work on.

The sessions are 45 minutes long. You will also be a part of my Slack group where you have unlimited messaging to me when you have a quick question, celebration, or want model feedback.

I do not offer refunds early in the program. I would be open to a conversation as to why it’s not for you. When we think something is “not for us” we are usually having some kind of resistance, fear, or anxiety and that is something I can help you work through.

My refund offer is only at the end of six months and having done the things recommended.

I am professionally certified through The Life Coach school.

I can 100% guarantee that you will know how to always feel better going forward forever…

Because 100% of the people I have worked with have felt better after working with me.  

If you try everything I have suggested to you and you are 100% still the same at the end of working with me.. I will give you a FULL refund.  

So, what do you say?