Just because you have ADHD doesn’t mean you’re f*cked.

You can design the life you want while working with your brain.

You’re tired of procrastinating on the things you actually want to do and feeling like a victim to your own mind. 

Every time you go to work on something, it seems like you end up doing ten other things then beat yourself up about not getting the things done you wanted to. 

It almost feels like it might be easier to just go with the flow forever rather than fight with yourself to get it done. Should you just give up on your goals forever? 

It seems like you have tried everything - planners, meditation, sheer will, accountability groups, exercise, eating right, reading self-help books, journaling, decluttering, anything to try and get your mind focused - and you would have thought something would have helped you by now.

All these plans get made and then not executed. Some part of you wonders if you don’t do the plan because you are afraid you will fail because it has never really worked before.

Some things work for a little bit, but then you drop the thing you were working on and think about it a lot, but can’t seem to get going on it again. It seems like there should be an answer!

It feels so frustrating and defeating. It’s not like you don’t care about these goals.

You DO care.

It’s almost like when you stop working on them, the shame is so great that it stops you from starting again and then you feel guilty and helpless.

You just feel so STUCK. So then you start looking for the next solution… 

Cycle ensues.

You really want to accomplish your goals because you think you will feel accomplished, like a badass, and everyone will see how productive and motivated you are…

But the kicker here is, you already are those things. All of the work you put into trying to make these things happen, keeps getting you a little further, and all the knowledge you absorbed is now with you forever. 

The thing is - you don’t have a problem with focus. You focused SO much to learn the things to get you going a little bit more each time. You actually focus really well, you just focus in a different way.

Now it’s just time to learn how to work WITH yourself instead of against yourself.

Hi, I'm Elyse

I help ambitious women, or those who have been socialized as women, who have struggled with addiction stop trying to be perfect, stop letting their past and ADHD define them, and create a sustainable plan to start checking off their goals.

In other words, I help you get unstuck so you can be Stuck On Success.

After personally dealing with it and getting misdiagnosed as bipolar, major depressive, and then struggling with addiction as a byproduct of ADHD, I have seen first-hand how knowing what is happening with your brain can help reshape the entire way you go after, plan for, and achieve goals. 

I want to help every person who has struggled with ADHD believe in their true power and ability by learning how to work with their brain and be able to manage anything that comes their way.

I always knew I was capable of so much more, but couldn’t figure out how to operate like other people I saw with their plans and consistent actions.

Things got done – but I never felt good. It was exhausting and high-stress, high-pressure on myself.

I wanted to accomplish my goals and feel good about them, but I would accomplish something and move on to the next thing right away because the goal never made me feel good enough.

This led me to be burned out, stressed, and exhausted and then I would “turn off” and just go through the motions of life again until I was ready to put myself through that again. 

Sounds awful, doesn’t it?

I was tired of feeling like shit.

I was tired of being stressed out and exhausted every morning when I woke up. 
I thought about the things I was accomplishing and realized no matter WHAT I accomplished, I never felt good. 
It all felt like a waste of time to do these things if I never felt good about it. What the hell was the point of doing these things if they never felt good while doing them or after accomplishing them?!

I wanted to figure out how to feel better.

I discovered coaching and after spending 12 months self-coaching and 6 months getting coached I finished my Bachelor’s degree, became a software developer, negotiated pay, got the job I wanted, fixed my credit score, started working out regularly, communicated better in my relationship, and let all the “fluff” goals I had fallen away because they weren’t actually important to me.. 

This was HUGE.

If it worked for me, I knew I wanted to help other people overcome this too because feeling good is the whole point of doing anything isn’t it?! (Or at least a bonus!)

I decided to get certified through The Life Coach School and I am a certified Life Coach so I can help others feel better too. 

I have coached 25+ people and every single person I have coached said they felt better than when they started coaching with me. (That’s right, 100% of people felt better after coaching!)

I have the best tools to help anyone work through any situation they have. 

What makes me different is I am not going to tell you what’s best for you. You know what’s best for you and I am going to help you discover that. 

I have been through the same struggles you are going through. I have worked through the murky parts personally so I know where you are struggling and can help you feel better.

I will always be non-judgmental, confidential, and your biggest cheerleader. 

Nothing makes me more excited than to help someone reach something they have always wanted!

The last thing I want you to know is that if you do the work, you will see results.

I got to where I am by showing up to the coaching work and doing it the best I can at that moment. I took an honest look at the things that are working for me and said goodbye to the things that weren’t anymore. 

Some things may have worked for a little while to get me from one place to the next and then an evolution of what I needed had to change to get me to the next level and it will be that way for you too. 

And that’s the beautiful part is that when you have these tools, you will always be able to figure out what you need and how to get it. 

And lastly, I am accomplishing my goals and feeling good while doing them and after accomplishing them, and want to help you do the same!

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